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Porting Python 2 Laws to Python 3A¶

Porting Python 2 Laws to Python 3A¶

With Python 3 becoming the future of Python while Python 2 continues to be in productive incorporate, you should have your task designed for both major releases of Python. This guide is supposed to guide you to work out how far better support both Python 2 3 at the same time.

If you are searching to port an extension module as opposed to pure Python laws, please discover Porting Extension segments to Python 3 .

If you want to read through one core Python designer’s take on the reason why Python 3 came into existence, you can read Nick Coghlan’s Python 3 Q A or Brett Cannon’s exactly why Python 3 exists.

The Short ExplanationA¶

Utilize Pylint to help with making certain that you do not regress on the Python 3 assistance ( python -m pip install pylint )

Incorporate caniusepython3 to discover which of your own dependencies tend to be stopping your own use of Python 3 ( python -m pip install caniusepython3 )

Once your dependencies are no lengthier blocking you, use constant integration to ensure that you remain appropriate for Python 2 3 (tox enables experiment against several versions of Python; python -m pip install tox )

Consider utilizing recommended static kind checking to be certain your kind practices works in both Python 2 3 (for example. need mypy to test your typing under both Python 2 Python 3; python -m pip install mypy ).

Note: utilizing python -m pip apply assures your pip your invoke is the one setup for Python at this time being used, whether it be a system-wide pip or one put in within an online environment .


An important facet about promote Python 2 3 concurrently is that you can starting now! Regardless if their dependencies commonly encouraging Python 3 yet that doesn’t suggest it’s not possible to modernize your own signal now to compliment Python 3.