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I was promised a $200 “Spend a Night on Us” certificate once the presentation was over

I was promised a $200 “Spend a Night on Us” certificate once the presentation was over

I received it and noted under the date on the signature that the offer expires in 6 months. We used it right away at a Hampton Inn in North Carolina. It was quite expensive but we were so happy to have the certificate, we didn’t care! Well, I mislaid the certificate but sent it in a full month before the expiration date. I was sent a postcard that the fine print reads that it must be sent in within 30 days of the stay to be valid. I spoke with several people about how deceiving this is to have in large print that you have Qwikmeet 6 months and in small print on another of the many sheets, that you have 30 days. No one cared and although they did “review” the claim, they could not redeem the certificate.

I hate to even complain when I see some of the other complaints and the amount of money people have been scammed, but cancer is expensive and this was to be a little getaway before more treatments. Shame on Hilton Grand Vacations and all of their unlawful employees who participate in this shameful business. I hope anyone entertaining any thoughts about these scams gets a chance to read all of the reviews!

It is one sales office against the other as Florida

My wife received a call from Hilton Grand Vacations and was told misinformation about their affiliation with Mariott and Starwood hotels (which we are members with). Once she informed me that she had paid for an Orlando vacation with Hilton, I reminded her that we are Starwood members, so I called to cancel and was told there were “no refunds” once the phone conversation had taken place.