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The newest Us ABR is indicated in B

The newest Us ABR is indicated in B

Local GPP into the United states ABR, projected off base-upwards terrestrial designs participating in Multiscale Synthesis and you may Terrestrial Design Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP) (dashed lines), FluxCom (cyan squares that have good lines), FluxSat (green triangles that have good traces), and you will SiB4 (red circles that have solid traces) and you may our best-down atmospheric COS inversions (dark gray shading indicates the two.5th so you can 97.5th of one’s ideal inversion outfit prices, whereas the light-gray shading denotes all of the our best outfit rates in addition to dos ? concerns of per inversion). (A) Annual GPP rates between 2000 and you will 2019. (B) Multiyear mediocre regular stage away from GPP from MsTMIP (2008–2010), FluxSat (2001–2019), FluxCom (2001–2018), SiB4 (2009–2013), and that analysis (2009–2013). (C) Spatial distribution out of GPP into the out of about three picked TEMs (LPJ-wsl, SiB4, and you may DLEM) and you can average GPP off based on COS-centered inversions. The latest spatial shipment out-of GPP off their TEMs are revealed into the Au moment ou Appendix, Fig. S12.

Annual COS fluxes and GPP along the North american ABR, projected regarding techniques-centered bottom-upwards steps and you may all of our conditions-based best-off means

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Recently, carbonyl sulfide (COS) has emerged as a promising new tracer for constraining large-scale GPP trends and spatial distributions (23, 32), as COS is taken up together with CO2 by plants during photosynthesis (33 ?